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We have a team of experienced personnel on hand to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our guests throughout the night.


We also have a strict zero-tolerance policy towards drugs and alcohol, with thorough bag checks carried out on entry to prevent any prohibited substances from entering the venue.

Our Grounded event promises to be a fun and memorable experience for all attendees, while ensuring their safety is our top priority.

 Local Authorities 

We communicate with local authorities such as the Police and the local council to inform them in advance of our events and work with them closely to help ensure smooth and safe delivery on the night. 

 Security Staff 

We have a large team of male and female SIA trained and licensed security staff. They will help aid a smooth and fast entry process, conduct searches upon entry, be present inside the venue during the event and help with the end of night dispersal. They will also have CCTV body cams upon their person.

 Prohibited Items 

The venue will conduct a 100% search policy upon entry. Refusal of a search will lead to refusal to enter the premises. If any of the following items are found upon entry or within the venue they will be confiscated and may be disposed of. These items are as follows: alcohol, cigarettes, vapes, lighters, pens, aftershaves/perfumes, sprays, own food or drink, chewing gum, flammable items and chewing gum.

Some items found may result in removal from the event and/or police invovlement.

 Guest Welfare 

The venue will have guest welfare and safe spaces available, which will be manned by qualified first aiders. These areas will be covered by CCTV and have audio recording coverage where possible.

In the event that a guest has become unwell or is asked to leave one of our events, they will be remain in a welfare area whilst the parents and/or guardian is contacted.

 Entry & Dispersal 

The venues will open 30 minutes before the event starts to ensure a fast and smooth entry process and that there are security personnel present during drop off times. The queue will be patrolled to ensure no prohibited items are being used or consumed. Barriers will be used during entry and exit times to control trafficking of guests in a safe manner. At the end of the event, security personnel will be located to ensure smooth and safe dispersal and be vigilant of any potential vulnerable guests.   

 Pick Up & Drop Off Areas 

Where possible we will work with the local authorities to be able to support suitable pick-up and drop-off locations. Security personnel will be on hand until all guests have bee picked-up or have left the area safely.

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